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Paper Life Cycle: Transportation and Climate Change

July 2015

Distance to the mill The location of the paper mill relative to the fiber source is an important factor in …


Utilizing Recovered Paper

August 2015

“Recycling” and “recovery” are terms that are sometimes interchangeably but they mean different things in the context of the paper …


Climate Change and Papermaking

November 2005

There is no longer any real debate within the scientific community regarding the phenomenon of climate change and its likely …


Deforestation Facts, Figures, and Causes

August 2010

Deforestation is defined as the conversion of land from forest to other uses such are agriculture, livestock or residential development. …


The Rising Costs of Illegal Logging

September 2009

According to the World Resource Institute (WRI) and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), illegal logging has risen to …

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Forest Certification Matrix

October 2010

The Forest Certification Matrix compares each major certification program in these areas: Basic Information, Governance, Standardization, Verification and Product Tracking. …


Efficient Use of Wood Fiber

February 2006

Fiber is the single largest component in the manufacturing and use of paper and pulp products. With ever increasing demand, …


Biomass as a Source of Energy

May 2009

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, “Biomass is non-fossil fuel material of biological origin constituing a renewable energy source.”1 …


The Forests and Climate Change

September 2007

The Forests and Climate Change Climate change has created a new imperative to protect forests, and tropical forests in particular. …