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A Guide to Packaging Material Flows and Terminology

August 2015

Given that paper is a heavily used packaging material, understanding packaging material flows is an essential step to optimizing recovery …

Design For Recovery Guidelines for Paper Packaging

August 2015

GreenBlue’s Design for Recovery Guidelines for Paper Packaging was written to connect packaging designers with available recovery options in order …

Guidelines for Sustainable Paper Products

July 2015

The Guidelines for Sustainable Paper Products is being released as a living document with the understanding that sustainability is a …

What does EPAT measure?

July 2015

EPAT collects data around seven categories that represent opportunities for environmental performance improvement along the supply chain of paper sourcing, manufacturing and use. …

How does EPAT work?

July 2015

EPAT considers 20 environmental performance indicators across the supply chain of paper in an analysis customized to reflect a paper …

Recovered and Recycled: Paper Fiber Types Defined

July 2015

Recycled content is defined in various ways by different organizations. Environmental claims that use the term “recycled paper” may be …

Paper Life Cycle: Transportation and Climate Change

July 2015

Distance to the mill The location of the paper mill relative to the fiber source is an important factor in …

Forest Certification Update: Changes to the SFI and FSC Standards in 2015

March 2015

By: Kathryn Fernholz, Dr. Jim Bowyer, Steve Bratkovich, Matt Frank, Harry Groot, Dr. Jeff Howe, John Owen, Dr. Ed Pepke …

Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-based Products

January 2015

By World Resources Institute and WBCSD Forest Solutions