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Forest Certification Update: Changes to the SFI and FSC Standards in 2015

March 2015

By: Kathryn Fernholz, Dr. Jim Bowyer, Steve Bratkovich, Matt Frank, Harry Groot, Dr. Jeff Howe, John Owen, Dr. Ed Pepke …


McDonald’s, Mars, And Other Brands To Engage With Family Forest Owners On Sustainability

September 2015

GreenBlue and American Forest Foundation announces Sustainable Forest Management Partnership and Summit WASHINGTON, D.C. – GreenBlue and the American Forest Foundation (AFF) today announced a new …

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GreenBlue Partners With Two Sides

May 2015

GreenBlue has partnered with Two Sides North America, the non-profit organization that promotes and encourages the responsible production, use, and …


A Guide to Packaging Material Flows and Terminology

August 2015

Given that paper is a heavily used packaging material, understanding packaging material flows is an essential step to optimizing recovery …

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What does EPAT measure?

July 2015

EPAT collects data around seven categories that represent opportunities for environmental performance improvement along the supply chain of paper sourcing, manufacturing and use. …

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Why do companies use EPAT?

September 2015

EPAT provides a framework for the most comprehensive, fact-based evaluation of the environmental performance of paper available today. EPAT helps companies: Make informed …

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Recovered Paper as a Fiber Source

August 2015

Recycling is an important aspect of the forest products supply chain. The use of recycled fiber can reduce the demand …


Introduction to Certification

August 2015

Growing environmental awareness and consumer demand for more socially responsible businesses helped third-party forest certification emerge in the 1990s as …

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Why Aren’t More Forests Certified?

August 2015

Protecting and managing forests, and all the essential services forests provide, is critical to the well-being of our planet and …